Women in the Food & Beverage Industry

‘Manufacturers making bold sustainable moves now will be winners’ – Solveiga Pakštaitė [Interview]

While working on a design project for visually impaired people, Solveiga Pakštaitė realised that, when it comes to when our food goes really goes off, we are all in need of help to identify a product’s freshness. This inspired her to develop a new way to help reduce food waste. Read More

Is modified yeast the future of craft beer?

Scientists are developing new flavours and aromas in beer by manipulating brewer’s yeast in the laboratory. But how comfortably does this fit with the image of traditional craft brewing? Read More

How will the Nutri-Score system impact food manufacturers?

In answer to growing consumer demand for transparency, France recently introduced a five-level colour-coded nutritional rating system, the Nutri-Score. The model is slowly being rolled out in other EU countries but debates about its usefulness for consumers rage among F&B manufacturers. Read More

‘People never like what they actually claim to like’ – Camille Duez [Interview]

Beginning her food career by conducting consumer analysis of coffee and tea products to understand the best way to market them, Camille Duez moved on to ensuring the right fermentation process for coffee and cocoa. We asked her how she discovered her career path in food. Read More

Better food for more people: helping companies adapt to the food revolution!

Happy Feed founders Marion Mashhady and Sylvain Zaffaroni are on a mission to bring agility and innovation back into large F&B manufacturers’ product development strategies. Read More

‘I make dealing with the legislation around food labels hassle-free’ – Roni Avital [Interview]

Dedicating time to develop a software programme to make food labeling hassle-free was a pivotal career moment for Nutraid-founder Roni Avital. We interviewed her about her success as an entrepreneur. Read More

‘Being a junkaholic as a kid led me to work in food quality’ – Cansu Diler Çınar [Interview]

A keen advocate of diversity in business and a self-declared food label junkie, Cansu Diler Çınar shares the experiences she gained in food quality assurance in Turkey and the Netherlands. Read More

Is the food industry really open to innovation?

Nestlé has HENRi, General Mills has G-WIN and Kraft Foods has NineSigma. But despite the food industry’s apparent embrace of open innovation platforms, challenges remain. Read More

Eating a straw for additional nutrients

Many countries have seen a sudden surge in concern about ocean plastic pollution over the past year. Some have even moved to ban disposable plastic items, including straws. When it comes to eco-friendly alternatives, biodegradability is a minimum. But one entrepreneur is adding value with edible and flavoured options. Read More

Are inconsistent portion sizes making us fat?

Nutrition information on food and drink packaging is a key tool to help guide dietary choices. But a lack of standardisation can make calories per serving difficult to interpret. Read More

Will personalised food apps transform the way consumers shop?

Will digital solutions transform the way consumers shop? If they break the data barrier, this is an opportunity for retailers to create a more personalised shopping experience. This could help those with food allergies or other specific dietary requirements – but what exactly are the hurdles? Read More

Converging trends: high protein meets free-from

Demand for high protein foods continues to rise, but consumers increasingly are seeking protein-rich foods that fit together with other dietary requirements, such as plant-based and allergen-free. Read More

‘I hope we find a way to provide enough healthy and variable food for everyone’ – Anna Kharlamova [Interview]

From “fun biology experiments” in a Russian classroom to studying the functional properties of whey proteins, Anna Kharlamova, Postdoc Researcher at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research and member of the Fi Women in Food network tells us how her career  developed. Read More

South America Food Ingredients Market Report 2019 [Download]

South America Food Ingredients Market Report 2019 [Download] This report offers market information for suppliers of food ingredients who are looking to turn the demand for natural ingredients in South America into new business opportunities. Discover how to make the most of a growing affluent and informed consumer base, which is driving demand for natural […] Read More

‘Women’s empowerment should be at the centre of all careers today!’ – Silvia d’Alesio [Interview]

From music entertainment to food packaging engineering, Silvia d’Alesio’s career spans four European countries. A global outlook which is key in her role today as Content Specialist for Seeds&Chips. Read More

Okara: extracting value from soymilk byproducts – Claire Schlemme [Interview]

San Francisco-based company Renewal Mill is on a mission: reducing food waste sustainably while offering new culinary experiences to their customers. Using the nutritional by-products of food manufacturing, they turn leftover produce pulp into ready-to-use flour. Read More

Personalised nutrition: What about data protection?

Many companies that rely on data collection are concerned that not all consumers will be so forthcoming with their personal details, particularly following the recent introduction of GDPR, the EU law on data protection and privacy. Read More

Nanoencapsulation solves formulation problems with bioactives – Mariano Oto [Interview]

One of the challenges food manufacturers can face is developing functional and healthy products that take advantage of the full range of properties of bioactive ingredients. By enabling a controlled release of bioactives and microorganisms, encapsulation can offer a solution. Read More

Functional flour from defatted sunflower seeds – Aleh Manchuliantsau [Interview]

One of the biggest challenges for the global F&B industry is feeding a growing population whilst protecting the environment. Could upcycled by-products provide a solution? Ingredient-tech startup Planetarians have developed a one-step technology to produce functional flours from defatted sunflower seeds – an ingredient traditionally used as animal feed. Read More

Investors back a boom in plant proteins

Plant-based protein is not just a consumer trend – it is also a major new investment theme, attracting billions from venture capital funds and tech investors around the world. Read More

Is fungi protein the future of vegan meat? – Wim de Laat [Interview]

Dutch startup, FunGeneX has developed a novel fermentation process to create vegan meat products. Tapping into the growing trend for sustainable alternative protein, this process also brings a number of health benefits. Read More

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