South America Food Ingredients Market Report 2019 [Download]

South America Food Ingredients Market Report 2019 [Download] This report offers market information for suppliers of food ingredients who are looking to turn the demand for natural ingredients in South America into new business opportunities. Discover how to make the most of a growing affluent and informed consumer base, which is driving demand for natural […] Read More

‘Women’s empowerment should be at the centre of all careers today!’ – Silvia d’Alesio [Interview]

From music entertainment to food packaging engineering, Silvia d’Alesio’s career spans four European countries. A global outlook which is key in her role today as Content Specialist for Seeds&Chips. Read More

Okara: extracting value from soymilk byproducts – Claire Schlemme [Interview]

San Francisco-based company Renewal Mill is on a mission: reducing food waste sustainably while offering new culinary experiences to their customers. Using the nutritional by-products of food manufacturing, they turn leftover produce pulp into ready-to-use flour. Read More

Personalised nutrition: What about data protection?

Many companies that rely on data collection are concerned that not all consumers will be so forthcoming with their personal details, particularly following the recent introduction of GDPR, the EU law on data protection and privacy. Read More

Nanoencapsulation solves formulation problems with bioactives – Mariano Oto [Interview]

One of the challenges food manufacturers can face is developing functional and healthy products that take advantage of the full range of properties of bioactive ingredients. By enabling a controlled release of bioactives and microorganisms, encapsulation can offer a solution. Read More

Investors back a boom in plant proteins

Plant-based protein is not just a consumer trend – it is also a major new investment theme, attracting billions from venture capital funds and tech investors around the world. Read More

Printing our way to a sustainable food supply – Eshchar Ben-Shitrit [Interview]

Animal products, particularly meat, have come under fire lately as not being a sustainable solution to long term food supply. There is a growing shift towards plant-based alternatives, and companies who are developing products with the look and feel of meat are catching a lot of interest. Read More

Turning sugar in juice into beneficial nutrients – Eran Blachinsky [Interview]

Better Juice – the winner of the Most Innovative Technology or Service Supporting F&B category of the Startup Innovation Challenge 2018 – has developed an exciting technology to reduce sugar in natural fruit juice whilst adding beneficial nutrients, such as dietary fibres. We caught up with Eran Blachinsky, CEO of Better Juice, to learn more. Read More

Fermentation drives innovation in nature-identical ingredients

From animal-free milk to stevia sweeteners without stevia plants, a handful of innovative companies are fermenting engineered yeast to make nature-identical ingredients. Fermentation soon could become a more sustainable way to produce some compounds that otherwise rely on agriculture or petrochemicals. Read More

Aleph Farms makes history with world’s first lab-grown steak

Israeli startup Aleph Farms has revealed the first cell-grown steak with the texture and appearance of whole muscle beef without animal slaughter, and at a fraction of the cost of earlier cultured meat prototypes. Read More

Are the new novel food rules living up to their promise?

Europe introduced new novel food regulation at the beginning of 2018, intended to simplify procedures for food companies introducing new foods and ingredients in the region. Nearly a year on, is reality living up to the promise? Read More

European Food Tech Report 2018 [Download]

European Food Tech Report 2018 [Download] A report on the State of  European Food Tech by Five Seasons Ventures in partnership with – featuring the current impact on the food value chain of investments in Food Tech, as well as details on the focus areas for the next generation of Food Tech entrepreneurs. Read More

German Food & Beverage Overview 2019/2020 [Download]

German Food & Beverage Market Overview 2019/2020 [Download] Get an overview of market opportunities in the Food & Beverage Industry in Germany. Learn more about the growing organic and convenience food sectors. Read More

Mutual recognition principle hurdle for sports nutrition

Sports nutrition’s move into the mainstream has had a major impact on innovation, according to two experts scheduled to speak at the upcoming Hi Conference in Frankfurt. What does continued mainstreaming mean for the future of the sector? Read More

Artificial nose ‘smells’ food quality

A portable artificial nose could help manufacturers track the evolution of flavour and aroma in their products over time, leading to more consistent quality in foods. Read More

Is nitrite-free meat the next big ‘free from’ opportunity?

Sodium nitrite and potassium nitrate – also known as saltpetre – have been used to rapidly cure ham and bacon for decades. Apart from speeding up the curing process, they extend the shelf life of processed meats, give them their pink-red colour, and provide a distinct tangy flavour. However, the World Health Organization has linked nitrite and nitrate consumption from processed meat to increased cancer risk, because they form carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds when they react with certain components in meat. Read More

Artificial intelligence could predict future flavour trends

New technology based on artificial intelligence could accurately predict future taste preferences among specific groups, allowing food and drink companies to get ahead of the next big trend and better target new product launches. Read More

Access To Nutrition Index nudges F&B companies to discover the healthy bottom line

What’s the best way to motivate food manufacturers to produce healthier products? Major investors use the Access to Nutrition Index to keep track of which manufacturers are already taking strides toward better nutrition for a healthier bottom line. Read More

‘If I had one silver bullet for the sustainable and delicious future of food, it would be green and loaded with algae’- Mariliis Holm [Interview]

Putting sustainability at the heart of her passion for food and science has opened a world looming beautifully green for food scientist and startup founder Mariliis Holm. Read More

Calories count for health conscious consumers – and could impact sales

Calories are set to become a major driver of consumer purchases, whether listed on restaurant menus, on food packaging or via online calorie counters and apps. Read More

‘I get inspired by consumers’ needs and demands’ – Elham Tehrani [Interview]

As a food engineer with a talent for innovation, Elham Tehrani has mastered the reformulation of pastry products to create sweets that appeal to consumers while meeting the current demands for lower sugar content and natural flavours. Read More

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