Top beverage categories and claims in Indonesia

Indonesia has seen the most new product launches in the beverage market in South East Asia, with most key ingredients centered on health.

Beverage categories and claims Indonesia

Beverage category growth in the past 12 months in Indonesia. Source: Mintel GNPD 2018. Click to enlarge.

According to Mintel, within the past 12 months there has been a sharp rise of launches in the juice, soft drink and dairy categories in Indonesia.

Top beverage claims in Indonesia. Source: Mintel GNPD 2018. Click to enlarge.

In the past year the top 3 beverages claims in Indonesia have been: Halal, Eco-friendly (recyclable) packaging and functional.

10 Indonesian beverages

1.  Cau Chocolates Drinking Chocolate

Manufacturer: Cau Coklat Internasional, Indonesia

Brand:Cau Chocolates

Category & Claims: Halal certified. Cold processed and made with organic raw cacao powder, organic low GI coconut palm sugar and natural Balinese sea salt. It is claimed to be a highly nutritious energy drink. June 2018.

2. Larutan Penyegar Cap Badak ESPE Rasa Leci (Lychee Flavoured Refreshing Drink)

Manufacturer: Sinde Budi Sentosa, Indonesia

Brand: Larutan Penyegar Cap Badak

Category & Claims: Halal certified. The product is said to be effective in relieving body heat, gingivitis, sore throat and also helps to refresh the body. Newly designed pack, bearing the 18th Asian Games and Jamu logos. May 2018.

3. OT VitAmin Tea Minuman Teh Rasa Apel (Apple Flavour Tea Drink)

Manufacturer: CS2 Pola Sehat, Indonesia

Brand: OT VitAmin Tea

Category & Claims: Brewed from 3% quality tea leaves with 6.25% real sugar, this drink contains vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 to support energy and body tissue formation and vitamin C to support collagen formation. Free from preservatives, artificial sweetener, synthetic food colours. May 2018.

4. Sinar Angkasa Minuman Sari Labu (Winter Melon Drink)

Manufacturer: Sinar Angkasa, Indonesia

Brand: Sinar Angkasa

Category & Claims: Halal certified. Treats body heat and liver disease while lowering cholesterol. June 2018.


5. Tuang Original Coffee Milk

Manufacturer: Tuang Coffee, Indonesia

Brand: Tuang

Category & Claims: Organically grown and processed by local farmers in Indonesia, and said to be brewed with an infused method that creates a deliciously rich drink with a smooth finish. June 2018.



6. Herbali Minuman Antioksidan Sehat (Morinda Citrifolia Health Drink)

Manufacturer: Herbali, Indonesia

Brand: Herbali

Category & Claims: Antioxidant health drink is said to improve health and vitality, and is made from 100% noni fruit. It is free from artificial colouring and preservatives. April 2018.




7. Jamu Jiwo Jamu Kunir Asem (Turmeric Tamarind Herbal Drink)

Manufacturer: Jamu Jiwo, Indonesia

Brand: Jamu Jiwo

Category & Claims: All natural product that helps improve blood circulation, relieve menstrual pain and maintain metabolism. January 2018.




8. Sunkist Minuman Rasa Jeruk Berkarbonasi (Orange Flavoured Carbonated Drink). Imported.

Manufacturer: F&N; Foods, Singapore

Brand: Sunkist

Category & Claims: Repackaged in a recyclable pack. Halal certified. June 2018.




9. Ace Minuman Berperisa Stroberi Berkarbonat (Carbonated Strawberry Flavoured Drink). Imported.

Manufacturer: Kian Joo Canpack, Malaysia

Brand: Ace

Category & Claims: Halal and HACCP certified product. May 2018.




10. Sprite Minuman Berkarbonasi Rasa Lemon dan Jeruk Nipis (Lemon and Lime Flavoured Carbonated Drink)

Manufacturer: Coca-Cola Bottling, Indonesia

Brand: Sprite

Category & Claims: Repackaged in a newly designed recyclable bottle for Ramadhan 2018. Halal certified. June 2018.



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