Nanoencapsulation solves formulation problems with bioactives – Mariano Oto [Interview]

One of the challenges food manufacturers can face is developing functional and healthy products that take advantage of the full range of properties of bioactive ingredients. By enabling a controlled release of bioactives and microorganisms, encapsulation can offer a solution. Read More

Printing our way to a sustainable food supply – Eshchar Ben-Shitrit [Interview]

Animal products, particularly meat, have come under fire lately as not being a sustainable solution to long term food supply. There is a growing shift towards plant-based alternatives, and companies who are developing products with the look and feel of meat are catching a lot of interest. Read More

Turning sugar in juice into beneficial nutrients – Eran Blachinsky [Interview]

Better Juice – the winner of the Most Innovative Technology or Service Supporting F&B category of the Startup Innovation Challenge 2018 – has developed an exciting technology to reduce sugar in natural fruit juice whilst adding beneficial nutrients, such as dietary fibres. We caught up with Eran Blachinsky, CEO of Better Juice, to learn more. Read More

Aleph Farms makes history with world’s first lab-grown steak

Israeli startup Aleph Farms has revealed the first cell-grown steak with the texture and appearance of whole muscle beef without animal slaughter, and at a fraction of the cost of earlier cultured meat prototypes. Read More

European Food Tech Report 2018 [Download]

European Food Tech Report 2018 [Download] A report on the State of European Food Tech by Five Seasons Ventures in partnership with – featuring the current impact on the food value chain of investments in Food Tech, as well as details on the focus areas for the next generation of Food Tech entrepreneurs. Read More

Duplaco paves the way in microalgae production – Marcel Oogink [Interview]

Duplaco is a Dutch start-up that has met the challenge of producing microalgae using a heterotrophic cultivation technology that enables the microalgae to grow in a tank without the need for sunlight. Read More

Unlocking chickpea’s protein potential – Taly Nechushtan [Interview]

Innovopro has developed a patent-pending technology for extracting protein concentrate from chickpeas, which are a non-GMO, non-allergenic, sustainable, healthy and tasty vegan source of protein. Read More

Producing protein from electricity – Watch out Quorn!

Neo Carbon Food, a new protein from electricity and CO2, could be on our plates by 2024 and would help address to some of the major challenges facing the food industry today. Read More

Innovating pigment production with Chromologics – Anders Odum [Interview]

Using a 2-step fermentation process that produces natural pigments which can be applied in various industries, Danish start-up Chromologics is set to change the way natural pigments are produced. Read More

Start-up success for Alver – Mine Uran and Majbritt Byskov-Bridges [Interview]

Recently algae has grown in popularity as consumers increasingly seek plant-based alternatives to traditional protein. Alver Golden Chlorella has developed a micro-algae product that’s worth your attention. Read More