Personalised Nutrition

Personalised nutrition: What about data protection?

Many companies that rely on data collection are concerned that not all consumers will be so forthcoming with their personal details, particularly following the recent introduction of GDPR, the EU law on data protection and privacy. Read More

Mutual recognition principle hurdle for sports nutrition

Sports nutrition’s move into the mainstream has had a major impact on innovation, according to two experts scheduled to speak at the upcoming Hi Conference in Frankfurt. What does continued mainstreaming mean for the future of the sector? Read More

Artificial nose ‘smells’ food quality

A portable artificial nose could help manufacturers track the evolution of flavour and aroma in their products over time, leading to more consistent quality in foods. Read More

Artificial intelligence could predict future flavour trends

New technology based on artificial intelligence could accurately predict future taste preferences among specific groups, allowing food and drink companies to get ahead of the next big trend and better target new product launches. Read More

‘The digital revolution is a gamechanger for the health and food industry ‘ – Mariette Abrahams [Interview]

Personalised nutrition consultant Mariette Abrahams is inspired by the potential of digital innovation to help us eat healthier. She sees a trend in companies offering a tiered approach with online services at the bottom end and professional interaction at the top end. Read More

Flexitarians drive growth for meat substitutes in the EU

There is a vast unmet potential for meat substitutes across several EU countries, according to Euromonitor, as consumers become more aware of sustainability issues surrounding meat-based diets and are sensitive to price increases. Read More

What can personalised nutrition learn from non-food industries?

Customisation has already gained a strong foothold in the food and beverage sector, with offerings ranging from coffee and drinks vending machines designed around taste preferences, to meal plans for people following special diets, and products for seniors and diabetes sufferers. Read More

Mapping the evolving e-retail landscape

The recent acquisition of Whole Foods Market by Amazon has signaled a new phase in online grocery shopping. How will the e-retail landscape evolve? Read More

Personalised nutrition: Keeping up with the promise of optimal nutrition

Access to personalised health and nutrition information could revolutionise the way consumers think about food, leading to longer, healthier lives – and the food industry must adjust its thinking to keep up. Read More

Personalising nutrition by data-mining an apple

Can data-mining health-benefiting molecules help deliver advice about food choice, eating patterns and lifestyle on a personal level? Read More