Live Event Highlights

Personalised nutrition: What about data protection?

Many companies that rely on data collection are concerned that not all consumers will be so forthcoming with their personal details, particularly following the recent introduction of GDPR, the EU law on data protection and privacy. Read More

Nanoencapsulation solves formulation problems with bioactives – Mariano Oto [Interview]

One of the challenges food manufacturers can face is developing functional and healthy products that take advantage of the full range of properties of bioactive ingredients. By enabling a controlled release of bioactives and microorganisms, encapsulation can offer a solution. Read More

Turning sugar in juice into beneficial nutrients – Eran Blachinsky [Interview]

Better Juice – the winner of the Most Innovative Technology or Service Supporting F&B category of the Startup Innovation Challenge 2018 – has developed an exciting technology to reduce sugar in natural fruit juice whilst adding beneficial nutrients, such as dietary fibres. We caught up with Eran Blachinsky, CEO of Better Juice, to learn more. Read More

Aleph Farms makes history with world’s first lab-grown steak

Israeli startup Aleph Farms has revealed the first cell-grown steak with the texture and appearance of whole muscle beef without animal slaughter, and at a fraction of the cost of earlier cultured meat prototypes. Read More

Are the new novel food rules living up to their promise?

Europe introduced new novel food regulation at the beginning of 2018, intended to simplify procedures for food companies introducing new foods and ingredients in the region. Nearly a year on, is reality living up to the promise? Read More

Full ingredient disclosure holds key to consumer trust

The next generation of clean label foods will need to do more than make natural claims. They will need to ensure full disclosure about ingredients if they are to earn consumers’ trust, according to Mintel. Read More

Innovation needed to meet ‘no added sugar’ demand

Reducing sugar in food and drinks is becoming the new normal, according to Mintel, due to government pressure and consumer awareness. But as the natural and clean label trend continues, the industry needs innovative alternatives to artificial sweeteners. Read More

Top 5 on-pack health and wellness claims that attract shoppers’ attention

Shoppers decide whether to buy a food product after looking at an average of 1.6 on-pack claims, according to research by NAILBITER, meaning it is crucial to have the right wording on products to close the deal. Read More

Creating new food ingredients with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has exited the realms of science fiction. It is set to make an impact on the health food and supplements industries, thanks to advances in genomics and a data-driven platform to identify and unlock beneficial peptides within common foodstuffs. Read More

Sustainability makes good business sense [Download]

Sustainability makes good business sense [Download] This white paper analyses the current activities around sustainability within the F&B sector. Read More